Friday, July 31, 2009



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Code: MBP-01 (SOLD OUT)
Cerulean Blue

Code: MBP-02 (SOLD OUT)
Cerulean Blue (awning Black)

Code: MBP-03 (SOLD OUT)
Cerulean Green

Code: MBP-04
Coral Chesnut

Code: MBP-05
Coral Green

Code: MBP-06 (SOLD OUT)
Coral Black

Code: MBP-07 (SOLD OUT)
Floral Cerise

Code: MBP-08 (SOLD OUT)
Floral Pink

Code: MBP-09 (SOLD OUT)
Floral Rose

Code: MBP-10 (SOLD OUT)
Shamrock Turqouise

Code: MBP-11
Shamrock Green

Code: MBP-12
Rose Magenta

Code: MBP-13
Rose Mauve

Code: MBP-14
Pine Green

Code: MBP-15 (SOLD OUT)
Lavender Pink

Code: MBP-16
Lavender Pink awning Black

Code: MBP-17 (SOLD OUT)

Code: MBP-18
Burnt Sienna

Code: MBP-19 (SOLD OUT)
Burnt Sienna awning Black

Code: MBP-20 (SOLD OUT)
Charcoal Black

Code: MBP-21 (SOLD OUT)
Russet Brown (available in awning Black)

Code: MBP-22 (SOLD OUT)
Amethyst Purple

Code: MBP-23 (SOLD OUT)
Olive Green awning Green

Code: MBP-24 (SOLD OUT)
Olive Green awning black

Code: MBP-25 (SOLD OUT)
Black Latte

Code: MBP-26
White Latte
What can i say about this NEW collections ...
its a masterpiece!! a MUST have for my lovely customers &
of course Mahani brand lovers.
This collection are SPECIAL & really2 COMFY hand made.
Very exclusive pattern & design.
awning Thai Silk, And i definitely
LOVEEE the original Lycra fabric (heavy & silky).
it makes this tudungs modern looks yet sweet, fresh &
looks more than it cost!!!

100% good QUALITY of original Lycra
free size
RM 55
NOW RM50!!!

- Due to limited pieces and possibly will never be restocked,
i only can take bundle not more than 10 pieces under
this new collections. First come first serve basis. I am sorry ladies and girls!
** Bundle price RM45



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