Thursday, May 21, 2009


Not Restockable - Limited Items

Code: ED-01 (SOLD OUT)
Violet Purple (size M)

Code: ED-02 (SOLD OUT)
Jade Turqouise (size M)

Code: ED-03 (SOLD OUT)
Ultra Marine (size M)

Code: ED-04 (SOLD OUT)
Mahogany Rust (size M)

Code: ED-05 (SOLD OUT)
Ruby Pink

Code: ED-06 (SOLD OUT)
Fern Green

Code: ED-07
Red Madder

Code: ED-08 (SOLD OUT)
Dark Purple

Code: ED-09 (SOLD OUT)
Persian Cerise

Code: ED-10 (SOLD OUT)
Persian Pink

Code: ED-11 (SOLD OUT)
Deep Saffron

Code: ED-12 (SOLD OUT)
Persian Red

Persian Red (awning Black)

Code: ED-13 (SOLD OUT)
Deep Lava

Code: ED-14
Burnt Umber

Code: ED-15
Maya Blue (available awning Soft Green)

Code: ED-16 (SOLD OUT)
Purple Amethyst

Code: ED-17 (SOLD OUT)
Majorelle Blue

Code: ED-18 (SOLD OUT)
Burnt Orange

Code: ED-19
Arsenic Grey

Code: ED-20 (SOLD OUT)
Azure Blue (available awning Grey)

Code: ED-21 (SOLD OUT)
Brown Khakis

Code: ED-22 (SOLD OUT)
Rose Taupe

Code: ED-23 (SOLD OUT)
Persimmon Orange
What can i say about this EARTH collections ...
its a masterpiece!! a MUST have for Ikin/Ariani brand lovers.
Mahani Collection patterns are hand made & the price is
MORE cheaper compare
to current market. Very exclusive pattern & design.
awning Thai Silk, And i definitely
LOVEEE the original Lycra fabric (heavy & silky).
it makes this tudungs modern looks yet sweet, fresh &
looks more than it cost!!

100% good QUALITY of original Lycra
size S only (body from chin to chest - 34cm)

only at RM 50


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